• Fully custom-made storage system for the transport of light plastic granules.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • All desired accessories, such as zippers or connections, can be integrated.
  • Return transport is reduced to a minimum because the liner can easily be folded or slid away.



The truckliner is a storage system that allows the efficient transport of light plastic granules or granulates. The Flexxoliner is made to fit your means of transport, such as a truck, trailer or sea container and can easily be hung from the inside. Based on the material to be transported, a suitable fabric is selected. The Flexxoliner is designed to ensure a maximum lifespan in all kinds of circumstances and therefore extremely durable for our customers. We realise this by choosing the best materials, using tested components and by certified production.

Truckliner EPS with blower. It is often used for products that require dust-proof or low-dust transport. The liner can be seen as an internal silo in trucks or containers and is fully custom-made.

why the flexxoliner and no conventional storage?

  • ArtboardCreated with Sketch. The Flexxoliner is entirely produced according to your truck dimensions and is very easy to hang on to the fixed suspension points or via a wire.
  • ArtboardCreated with Sketch. Quality is guaranteed by in-house design, production and assembly.
  • ArtboardCreated with Sketch. After unloading, the Flexxoliner can easily be folded away or moved to one of the sides or to the ceiling and thus creating space for other return transport.
  • ArtboardCreated with Sketch. The truckliner can be designed fully antistatic/conductive if desired.
  • ArtboardCreated with Sketch. With the truckliner it is possible to make your truck, trailer or bus suitable for bulk transport of light plastic goods.


We have the entire chain of sales, R&D, project engineering, production and assembly in-house. This enables us to guarantee you the best quality at the best price.

Your wishes are most important to us. Our experts use our basic design to engineer your project. This ensures an optimal design at the lowest possible investment.

In addition to our sales experts, we also employ mechanical and chemical engineers and textile experts, as well as highly trained professionals in production, assembly and administration to provide you with the best advice.

Every project is customer specific. This keeps us sharp and provides you with the very best liner!

We have been innovating in technical textiles products for decades. We know the market and its possibilities like no other and we cannot wait to share this this knowledge with you.

specifications flexxoliner

  • The Flexxoliner makes your transport system very flexible.
  • Fully customized for your transport system (truck, trailer, trailer, sea container, etc.).
  • The fabric to be used is determined according to the application and the material to be stored. Depending on the application, this can be in airtight, air-permeable, antistatic or conductive versions.
  • No condensation problems due to ventilating materials.
  • The liner is made of lightweight materials and can easily be folded as a package or slid away to one of the sides.

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