Silo cover | Gas-open execution

Protect the silo against odour, CO2 emissions and weather with a silo roof or a silo cover from Flexxolutions. This cover can be mounted on almost any concrete or steel silo available on the market. The Flexxocover is available as a gas-open version with welded straps, a separate strap construction for frequent opening and closing or a version in which the roof is stretched by extending the middle column. There are also various versions available in a gas-tight execution, depending on your application. The Flexxocover silo cover is designed to ensure a maximum lifespan in all kinds of circumstances and is therefore extremely durable for our customers. We realise this by choosing the best materials, by using tested components and by certified production and assembly.


A newly installed Flexxocover gas-open version that is suitable for concrete, elemental and steel silos and has now been successfully placed by us on more than 1000 tanks. Click here for more information.

Flexxocover silo cover

The gas-open Flexxocover described above is the standard silo cover. Do you have special wishes or requirements? We can realise all the options available in the market!

The Flexxocover with loose straps is partially open here, so that maintenance can easily and regularly be carried out in a relatively short period of time on the cover, which has been developed in such a way that it takes less than one hour to open and close it.

Flexxocover active maintenance.

The Flexxocover Active Maintenance has been specially developed for customers who want to be able to perform multiple maintenance on the silo or the cover. The cover is designed so that it takes less than one hour to open and close.

Flexxocover spannen middenkolom 500x250 px -silodak-

Tensioned over the centre column.

For steel or stainless steel silos, tensioning is often used by extending the centre column. This ensures a tight assembly.

Flexxocover silo cover 600x429 px -silo cover-

why de flexxocover and not a regular silo cover?