with lung

  • Double membrane roof with tensioned outer membrane and gastight inner membrane for variable gas storage.
  • Suitable for poured concrete and concrete element silos.
  • Diameters between ø12 and ø40 meters.
  • Suitable for all European wind and snow zones.

with lung


Silo cover with gastight inner membrane

A silo roof with a lung, also called a gas-tight inner membrane, is suitable for (bio)gas storage. This Flexxocover consists of two membranes. The inner membrane provides the gas-tight seal and thus determines the variable gas volume. The outer membrane serves to keep the actual gas storage volume free of weather influences such as UV radiation, rain, snow and wind load. The Flexxocover silo cover with gas-tight inner membrane is designed to ensure maximum service life and therefore optimum payback for our customers in all circumstances. We make this possible by choosing the best materials, by applying tested components and by certified production and assembly. In addition to this version, the Flexxocover is also available in a gas-open version and in a gas-tight version with a single membrane.

Flexxocover met Long gasdicht silodak 800x800 px -flexxocover met long-

why the flexxocover with lung and not a regular silo roof with gastight inner membrane?


We have the entire chain of sales, R&D, project engineering, production and assembly in-house. This enables us to guarantee you the best quality at the best price.

Your wishes are most important to us. Our experts use our basic design to engineer your project, which ensures an optimal design at the lowest possible investment.

In addition to our sales experts, we also employ mechanical and chemical engineers and textile experts, as well as highly trained professionals in production, assembly and administration to provide you with the best advice.

Every project is customer-specific, which keeps us sharp and provides you with the very best cover!

We have been innovating in technical textiles products for decades. We know the market and its possibilities like no other and we cannot wait to share this knowledge with you.

specifications flexxocover with lung

  • Available in diameters from ø12 to ø40 meters.
  • Delivery includes centre column, strapping system and inspection opening.
  • Standard foil: polyester fabric with 2-sided PVC; 4,000 N/5 cm (900 g/m²). Stronger foils possible if desired or needed.
  • Centre columns minimum FSC tropical hardwood type D60. Stainless steel-316 columns available on request.
  • The designs of our covers are approved in all European countries.
  • The entire construction is designed to be used in all snow and wind zones in Europe, even at larger diameters.
  • Also available as a silo roof gastight with a single membrane and a gas-open execution.

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Are you looking for a different kind of cover?

FLEXXOCOVER gas-open execution

The Flexxocover is suitable for concrete, element and steel silos and has been successfully assembled by us on more than 1000 tanks.


The gastight design of the Flexxocover ensures its gas-tightness thanks to the gastight top construction, manholes and transition from silo roof to silo wall.


This double membrane roof is ideal as a cover for silos where biogas is stored or where sustainable energy is generated.

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