Bad Bentheim-Gildehaus


Not required


Not required – an internal education will be provided


40 hours/week

production worker

Production worker

What does this job look like?

As a foil technician, you help to produce our products in the heart of our organisation. Our products are usually made of foil and are different for every customer! This makes your work varied. By using different welding techniques, you assemble the parts into an end product. You can do this in a modern workshop in our new production hall, which has been in use since 2016. We work as a team and in busy periods we work if required in two shifts. Within our organisation, we offer you the opportunity, through an internal training program, to develop yourself into a professional foil technician.

what kind of skills do you need?

  • ArtboardCreated with Sketch. You take responsibility for your work.
  • ArtboardCreated with Sketch. Quality is important to you and you like to find a solution for every practical challenge on the shop floor. You will then be able to discuss this with the production manager and thus help to improve production.
  • ArtboardCreated with Sketch. You have the drive to become the 'first man' of a production team. In this position, you will lead your team of several colleagues on the shop floor.
  • ArtboardCreated with Sketch. A completed education is not so important to us, but you do have the drive to learn the this trade and its skills internally. This mainly means being practical; learning-by-doing, but also actively following planned theory lessons in which you learn the ins and outs of the foil industry.
  • ArtboardCreated with Sketch. You can communicate in Dutch and or German.

What can we offer you?

  • ArtboardCreated with Sketch. Attractive salary
  • ArtboardCreated with Sketch. With mutual satisfaction an employment contract for an indefinite period at a growing company.
  • ArtboardCreated with Sketch. A modern production hall (location Bad Bentheim-Gildehaus) that has been in use since 2016.
  • ArtboardCreated with Sketch. You will get an internal education so that you can learn the trade in practice. We offer you the opportunity to develop yourself into a professional foil technician.

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