• Very suitable for (glass) horticulture, laboratories, food industry and research institutes.
  • Thanks to unique patented design suitable for internal transport, without fixation to the ground.
  • Available in both standardized and customer specific dimensions.


disinfection mat

The Flexxomat disinfection mat is the practical solution against the spread of dangerous microorganisms in places where crops grow and where food is produced or packaged. The mat disinfects everything that comes into contact with it, from forklift tyres and trolley wheels to the soles of employees’ shoes. The unique, patented design ensures easy installation and the ability to move the mat as needed. The processed stainless steel in the mat ensures that the mat remains in the desired position. The Flexxomat is available in both standardized and customer specific sizes.

A forklift truck that drives over a Flexxomat to disinfect tyres

why the flexxomat and not a regular disinfection method?

  • ArtboardCreated with Sketch. The Flexxomat is extremely suitable for internal transport and passenger traffic.
  • ArtboardCreated with Sketch. In combination with some accessories, the Flexxomat can be used fully automatically. These accessories ensure that the mat is refilled 24/7 without you having to think about it.
  • ArtboardCreated with Sketch. The Flexxomat stays in position thanks to its patented design, which incorporates stainless steel into the mat to prevent the edges from curling up and moving the mat. As a result, unlike other disinfection methods such as disinfection bins, there is no risk of tripping!
  • ArtboardCreated with Sketch. The mat is resistant to most common disinfectants. This means that you can usually use your own disinfectant.
  • ArtboardCreated with Sketch. Quality is guaranteed because of in-house engineering and production.
  • ArtboardCreated with Sketch. The bottom side consists of an anti-slip and extremly stable foil, the absorbent filling consists of flexible multifilament absorbent and the upper deck is highly wear-resistant in order to withstand frequent transport movements with minimised wear and tear.
  • ArtboardCreated with Sketch. Our years of experience in the production of the Flexxomat ensures that we know all the ins and outs and can give the best advice about your specific situation.


We have the entire chain of sales, R&D, project engineering, production and assembly in-house. This enables us to guarantee you the best quality at the best price.

Your wishes are most important to us. Our experts use our basic design to engineer your project, which ensures an optimal design at the lowest possible investment.

In addition to our sales experts, we also employ mechanical and chemical engineers and textile experts, as well as highly trained professionals in production, assembly and administration to provide you with the best advice.

Every project is customer specific. This keeps us sharp and delivers the very best mat for you!

We have been innovating in technical textiles products for decades. We know the market and its possibilities like no other and we cannot wait to share this this knowledge with you.

Specifications Flexxomat

  • Available in standard sizes with a width of 100, 200 or 300 cm and a length of 221 cm. Customer specific dimensions are possible up to a width of 600 cm.
  • The Flexxomat can be supplied in various variants: the basic variant in which the mat is manually provided with disinfectant, a semi-automatic variant in which a pump provides the mat with disinfectant in time intervals, and a fully automatic variant in which, by means of sensors and a pump, the mat is filled fully automatically as required.
  • Thanks to the innovative internal and external stabilisation strips, the mat is optimised to prevent curling in both directions (patent no. 2007148).
  • The mat remains in position thanks to its innovative design and can also be moved. No drilling required.

Any questions?

Would you like more information? Feel free to contact Anneke:

Flexxomat markets horticulture 900x422 px -disinfection mat-

Complete unburdening

Would you like to do something about the spread of dangerous microorganisms and do you want the filling of the mat to be secured and relieved at all times? Then we have the solution for you.

The Flexxomat can be equipped with an internal fluid distribution tunnel and a unique conductivity sensor. In combination with the monitoring Flexxopomp, the mat is filled fully automatically. Fully automatic filling of the mat ensures uninterrupted operation and prevents waste of expensive disinfectant. The internal fluid distribution tunnel also offers the possibility to clean the mat effectively from the inside (pump-controlled flushing with clean water or disinfectant).

gieter fully manual

manual filling

In the basic version, the Flexxomat is manually refilled with disinfectant. Each Flexxomat is available in standard and customer specific dimensions.

Meter half automatic

semi-automatic filling

The Flexxomat is equipped with a fluid distribution tunnel and a pump where disinfectant is refilled in set time intervals.

sensor groen

fully automatic filling

The fully automatic version of the Flexxomat takes care of everything. By means of sensors, the mat is always refilled with disinfectant at the right time.

options accessories

Various accessories are available to make it even easier to use the Flexxomat. For example, you can extend the Flexxomat with a mobile unit. The unit is equipped with a stainless steel dosing board to which a Flexxopomp or Flexxoturi can be attached, a container that offers storage to (diluted) disinfectant and possibly a soap holder by which a completely mini-disinfection station can be created. The dosing pumps – Flexxopomp and Flexxoturi – are available at Flexxolutions as well. Feel free to ask us about the possibilities that best fit your situation!

Flexxomat flexxotrolley with venturi pump and mobile unit 425x800 px -disinfection mat-

the flexxotrolley

The Flexxotrolley is a mobile disinfection unit that can be used in combination with the Flexxomat disinfection mat. The unit with all accessories make the use and maintenance of the Flexxomat very easy.

  • Plug & Play! Only an electrical connection (Flexxo pump) or only a water connection (Flexxoturi) is required at the trolley.
  • Dimensions +/- H1300 x W 550 x D 750 mm (with attached dosing container).
  • Large loading surface for liquid holder with lashing strap attachment.
  • Easily movable for cleaning the station.
  • Can be used in a flexible manner. This makes it ideal for research institutes & seed breeders with small cultivation areas, open house activities and cultivation rounds with colleagues and for mechanics in the greenhouse.
  • Optional: holder for hand disinfection bottle dispenser. This creates a simple but effective disinfection station.

Available dosing options

Flexxomat dosing pump Flexxoturi 400x400 px -disinfection mat-


with water timer

The Flexxoturi is a water driven venturi pump that extracts disinfectant concentrate from the Flexxocontainer and injects the disinfectant to the mat together with water in the right proportion (chosen%).

Flexxomat dosing pump Flexxopump 400x400 px -disinfection mat-


with timer

The Flexxopomp is an electric pump that pumps pre-mixed disinfectant from the Flexxocontainer to the mat with peristaltic movements of the hose. This pump system is timer controlled.

Flexxomat dosing pump Flexxopump conduct 400x400 px -disinfection mat-

flexxopomp conduct

For a conduction mat

The Flexxopomp Conduct is specially designed for the guide mat and ensures sensor-controlled filling. Sensors in the mat feel when disinfectant needs to be administered by the Flexxopump.

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