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Welcome to our blog, where you will find in-depth knowledge, solutions and the latest news about our sustainable products. Here we will lift the veil a little bit and explain the strength of our qualitative solutions. In addition, you will of course find the latest innovations, products and much more! For us, quality is the thread that runs through our entire company, as you can read here. We strive to be the best supplier by, among other things, supplying the best quality products made of technical textiles. In order to realise this aim, we regularly test and simulate our materials, products and production methods and assembly methods. Are you curious how and what exactly we do to ensure that we deliver the best quality? Then read all about it in this blog!

Clever solutions for manure storage

Clever solutions for manure storage

How the Laws of Physics pose the challenge and solution for long-term manure storage in a Flexxobag On average, a cow produces around 100 kilograms of urine and manure per...

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We have the entire chain of sales, R&D, project engineering, production and assembly in-house. This enables us to guarantee the best quality at the best price.

The wishes of the customer are of the utmost importance to us. Our experts use our basic design to engineer your project. This ensures an optimal design at the lowest possible investment.

In addition to our sales experts, we also employ mechanical engineers, textile experts and chemical technologists, as well as highly trained professionals in production, assembly and administration in order to provide you with the best advice.

With us, every project is made-to-measure, that keeps us on our toes!

We have been innovating in technical textiles for decades, we know the market and its possibilities like no other.

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