We are an innovative company with an enthusiastic team which ensures that we make the best products from technical textiles. We are driven by our passion for innovation and by our combined strength to see the individual wishes of our customers become reality! Our products may not seem really ‘hip’, but they do contribute to a better and healthier world. And that makes us happy!

Who make this possible?

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Our own experienced sales managers are there to advise you on the best solution for a problem or challenge. Our agents know the local market in their country well. Together we know how to translate specific requirements and wishes into a high-quality product. In addition, we work together with partners to supply our products under ‘private label’.


Our engineering department uses high-quality 3D CAD design programs such as SolidWorks to efficiently engineer our cover and storage products to customer specifications. The products are custom-made and designed according to the customer’s wishes, which makes each project unique.


We have all the necessary production techniques in the field of assembly (CADCAM – CNC cutting) and welding (high-frequency, thermal and ultrasonic) in house. For the production of textile systems, we are certified by KIWA in accordance with the quality standard ISO 9001:2015 and in accordance with KIWA K73883.


Flexxolutions has its own assembly teams with special trained mechanics that have years of experience. In order to stay on top of the latest assembly techniques and safety measures, our mechanics are retrained and trained twice a year. We only work with our own teams to ensure the best quality.

An impression of Flexxolutions

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Did you know...?

Logo Flexxolutions

Flexible Solutions. That is what we and our name stand for: the flexibility in which we deliver our solutions. The customer's wishes are the most important to us, so in every project we adapt our basic designs, production and assembly in the best possible way. This flexibility is our core and thus incorporated in the logo and our name.

Picture of the barba-papa family / Flexxofamily

Ever heard of this recognizable family? Do you know what they have in common with us? They are Barba..., we are Flexxo.... Every product of the Flexxolutions family starts with this prefix, so our quality products are easy to recognize!

Logo Flexxolutions XX

The distinctive symbol with a double XX between two arches can be found on our Flexxo products. The arch above the XX symbolises our covers and roofs. The arch below the XX symbolises the disinfection mat. The combination of the upper and lower arches reflects our innovative storage products.

Timeline of Flexxolutions


We want to deliver the best product to our customers in Europe. We believe that the quality of the product is optimally guaranteed by keeping the entire supply chain under our own control. For the production of textile systems we are certified by KIWA in accordance with the well-known quality standard ISO 9001:2015.


We have a passion for innovation! Every day we are working on developing new products and improving our current products. In addition to improving our products, we continuously strive to bring our production and services a lever higher. And this is what excites us!


We contribute to a more sustainable world in various ways. Our gas-tight roofs contribute to sustainable energy generation. Our disinfection mats keep out diseases in environments where crops grow and food is produced and our silo roofs contribute to a reduction in CO2 emissions from farmers.

Social involvement

In collaboration with UNICEF and the French MSF, we have set up the FlexxoWASH program, consisting of products related to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. We are able to deliver these products quickly to places where these aspects are of vital importance, such as refugee camps during drought and war.


The four founders of Flexxolutions came together in 2012 with the passion to create an innovative company in technical textiles.

Since 2013 we have KIWA-KOMO certificates for silo roofs and manure bags and a KIWA process certificate for the processing of all coated fabric.

The ultimate winner! The jury concluded that we successfully apply our technology platform different products and markets in an excellent way.

Flexxolutions receives the ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate. This is the international standard for quality management systems.


Due to growth and success, the production facility moves to a new sustainable hall with more capacity in Bad Bentheim, Germany, and the office moves to a larger building in Oldenzaal.

largest silo roof

This is the year that we have engineered, produced and supplied the largest silo roof (54 m) in Europe.

Disinfection Innovation

In 2018 our most recent innovation – a disinfection mat with fully automatic operation by means of sensors – was successfully taken into use by a grower in West Holland.

solar panels

With more attention to sustainability and the environment, a solar installation with 382 solar panels has been realised to supply the offices in Oldenzaal and Bad Bentheim with green electricity.

Achieve even more innovative products that make the world a better place!

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